New Deck of Cards Has Potential
for Casino Game Variations

The following review was posted at Online Casino Conditions web-site  on September 5th, 2005.
by Casino Conditions Staff

A new deck of cards has been invented and is currently being marketed to jumpstart its popularity.  It is called Six Generations, and is modeled after the structure of a family tree - a man and a woman, two sets of parents, four sets of grandparents, eight sets of great grandparents, and sixteen sets of great-great grandparents. The card deck, inventor says, can be used to play several gambling games, including variations of blackjack, poker and solitaire.

Card games are a passion for many online gamblers.  There are many games to choose from - some that are strictly for fun, like Old Maid, and others that are more skillful, like poker or even backgammon.  Some card games have been invented in small circles and have evolved into legitimate casino games.  Some card games do not even make it from the board game.  How each game's fate is determined is largely due to its popularity and how fair the game is according to the rules.

There is a new card game out, which according to its inventor, abolishes the structure of the French Pack that uses Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces.  It is actually the deck of cards, which can be used to play the "Genpoker", a game that is similar to poker.  The new deck is called "Six Generations", and was invented by an Alaskan man, Fyodor Soloview.  Originally designed as a solitaire-like card game, Soloview later realized that the same deck, already in print by the cardmaker, Carta Mundi, could be used for other games such as 21.  And with a little rule shifting,  the cards can be played at poker.

The name of the deck, Six Generations, is based on Soloview's idea of creating a deck of family members in multiple generations.  Each generation is doubled in the amount of family members, thereby making a deck of 64, which comes closest to the standard French Pack while being true to a balanced family tree.  Soloview went even further in ranking the deck by not using numbers only, from one to six, but additionally, using matching costumes for family couples that are in the different suits, so to speak.  The oldest, sixth generation came to the United States from around Europe, while the different family members have particular names corresponding the country they come from, and the time periods.

The deck is supposed to be more entertaining than the standard French Pack, while still being playable at all of the standard casino table games.  For players who are skeptical, seeing these cards in a casino is actually not such a long shot.  Casino War started off as being one of the most popular card games amongst youngsters, while it is now available in all of the biggest casinos and online casinos in the world today.

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