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19.95 ea.

This poster is suitable for framing, and shipped flat and shrink-wrapped on sturdy corrugate cardboard .

Size of poster:
16 inches x 20 inches
(40 cm x 50 cm)


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Indian Maiden
Leanin' Tree poster SKP541.
Art by Bill Hampton.

Sitting Bear - Arikara
Photo credit: Denver Public Library. 
Photo by Edward Curtis.

Cheyenne Warman
Leanin' Tree poster SKP519. 
Art by Bill Hampton.

Leanin' Tree poster 
Art by Bill Hampton.

Strength of the Buffalo 
Leanin' Tree poster SKP920. 
Art by Detha Watson.

Chief Strong Wind 
Leanin' Tree poster SKP818.
Art by Alfredo Rodriguez, 1977.
Our Father by Alfredo Rodriguez
Our Father...
Leanin' Tree poster SKP30165.
Art by Alfredo Rodriguez .

Wolf - Apsaroke
Photo credit:
Denver Public Library.
Photo by Edward Curtis.

Spirit of the Wolf 
Leanin' Tree poster SKP30092. 
Art by Howard Robinson.
Spirits Take Flight. Artist Kim McElroy. Leanin' Tree Poster SKP904.
Spirits Take Flight
Leanin' Tree poster SKP904.
Art by Kim McElroy.

Sioux Camp 
Photo credit:
Denver Public Library.
Photo by Edward Curtis.

Bear's Belly - Arikara
Photo credit:
Denver Public Library.

End of theTrail 
Leanin' Tree poster SKP686. 
Art by Marianne Caroselli.

Impact Images poster #1938. 
Photo by Richard Stacks.

Arabian Horses
Impact Images poster #20485.
Photo by Tom Brakefield.

Speak To Me 
Leanin' Tree poster SKP687. 
Art by Penni Anne Cross.

Buffalo Spirit 
Leanin' Tree poster SKP30118. 
Art by Matt Westrup.

Mare with Colt 
Impact Images poster #1050. 
Photo by Dick Dietrich.

Mare and Foal in Pasture
Impact Images poster #8483. 
Photo by Ron Kimball, 1989.

Keeper of the Heavens
Leanin' Tree poster SKP30029. 
Art by David Penfound.

Indian Heritage 
Leanin' Tree poster BLP30003. 
Art by Lisa Danielle.

Free Spirit
Leanin' Tree poster SKP30120. 
Art by Mark Keathley.

Col. W.F.Cody "Buffalo Bills Wild West" & Congress of Rough Riders of the World, 1900.
Credit: Denver Public Library.

Gift of the Eagle Feather 
Leanin' Tree poster SKP867. 
Art by Craig Tennant.

Watercolor Cowboy Rodeo
Impact Images poster #20211.
Art by Dan McManis, 1994.

Cowboy Campfire
Leanin' Tree poster SKP30121. 
Photo by Robert Dawson.

Turn Him Loose, Bill 
Impact Images poster #6806. 
Art by Frederic Remington.

Team Ropin' 
Animal Rodeo
Impact Images poster #20441. 
Art by Dan McManis, 1994.

Dreamcatcher Dream 
Leanin' Tree poster SKP30048. 
Art by David Penfound.
Venture Out! 
Impact Images poster #1029. 
Photo by Dennis Coello.

Cat and Duckling
Impact Images poster #664. 
Photo by: Richard Stacks, 1990.

Tobiano Paint Stallion Horse Spotter
Impact Images poster #20573. 

Moon Goddess
Leanin' Tree Poster SKP30037. 
Art by Josephine Wall.

Credit to: Bernard Fine Art,
#JH 0305. 
Art by Teresa Bernard.

Enchanted Flute 
Leanin' Tree Poster SKP30036. 
Art by Josephine Wall.

Winged Vision
Leanin' Tree Poster SKP30040. 
Art by Josephine Wall, 1998.

Shar Pei Puppy Dog Cowboy Hat
Impact Images poster #6837. 
Photo by: Richard Stacks, 1987.

Impact Images poster #11257.
Photo by: John Wagner, 1992.

Bottoms Up!
Art by Bill Hampton.
Smaller size 8½ " x 11"  available (click here)

Dog Gone Pool
Impact Images poster #11012.
Credit to: Landmark Stock Exchange.

German Shepherd 
Impact Images poster, #8467. 
Photo by: Kris Coppieter, 1990.

Golden Retriever 
Impact Images poster #20941. 
Photo by: Denver Bryan.

Impact Images poster #2479. 
Photo by Dr. E. R. Degginger, 1983.

Chocolate Labrador
Impact Images poster #20943. 
Photo by: William J. Mullins.

September Snow
Leanin' Tree Poster SKP740. 
Art by Larry Fanning, 1991.
Colorado Buffalo by Larry Fanning.
Colorado Buffalo 
Leanin' Tree poster SKP712. 
Art by Larry Fanning.

A Shift in the Wind 
Leanin' Tree Poster SKP712. 
Art by Larry Fanning.

Alfa Pair
Leanin' Tree poster #SKP813.
Art by Larry Fanning.

Moon Wolf
Leanin' Tree Poster SKP901. 
Art by John Van Straalen.

Spirit of the North
Impact Images poster #20123.
Photo by Tom Brakefield, 1993.

Fire and Ice 
Wild Wings, Inc. poster #WW 0313.
Photo by Lee Kromschroeder, 2000.

Grey Wolf 

Impact Images poster #20779.
Photo by Tom Brakefield.

Impact Images poster #2440. 
Photo by Stephen J.

Great Spirit - Bald Eagles
Leanin' Tree poster #SKP779.
Art by Ted Blaylock.

Black Wolves
Hope Street Editions poster #KD 0303.
Art by Kevin Daniel, 1998.

Cougar Cub
Impact Images poster #1141. 
Photo by Breck P. Kent, 1980.

Guardian of the Dream Time
Leanin' Tree Poster SKP869. 
Art by Sally J. Smith.

Siberian Tiger Running Snow
Impact Images poster #20809. 
Photo by Tom Brakefield.

Cougar and Snow Shoe Rabbit
Impact Images poster #6835. 
Photo by Tom Brakefield, 1987.

Leanin' Tree Poster SKP912. 
Art by Daniel Renn Pierce.

White Rhinoceros
Impact Images poster #11906. 
Photo by Ron Garrison.

Bighorn Sheep
Impact Images poster #1499. 
Photo by Stephen Kraseman / Drk.

Mountain Goat Nanny with her Kid
Impact  Images poster #8762. 
Photo by Alan and Sandy Carey, 1990.

Credit: Impact  Images #11922. 
Photo by Tom Brakefield.

Impact Images poster #20577.
Art by Claude Monet.

Autumn's Majesty
Hope Street Editions poster #KD 0326. 
Art by Kevin Daniel.

Leanin' Tree Poster SKP921. 
Art by Rusty Frentner.

Impact Images poster #20595. 
Art by Paul A. Morgan, 1994.

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