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What we see at this playing field:
- 8 red cards and 2 black cards are opened, but other cards are not opened, facing down.
- Reds have opened card #1, the most valuable card. But nobody knows yet, where the BLACK #1 is located.
- Even reds have so many opened cards, they can replace only one black card: Dorothy could be moved on the place of George. Most of the red cards are facing each other, or they have higher number than blacks, hereby thay are ranked low, then blacks.
- Blacks can move into four directions: George can replace Dorothy, Marie or Alice; James can replace Alice.
- Instead of replacing some of those cards, each player can make a move by opening any other card, which are facing down on the board yet.
- What's the best, or proper move now for any player? Probably, the card #4 should replace another card #4.

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