3 racks for 16" x 20" posters,
$140 each
TOTAL: $420
Each rack can hold about 90 posters.

1 spinner double-sided rack for assorted gifts: 
magnetic list pads, refrigerator magnets, boxed cards, books, notebooks, stationery, etc. - $380.
This rack has a storage space inside the shelving.



DISPLAY RACKS (included in sale)

INVENTORY DATA (all inventory included in sale )

Web-site www.2000gifts.com (cost equal of full-time employment of one or two webmasters from one to three years);
Domain name 2000gifts.com (hosted at GoDaddy.com.)
Inventory in stock: $6,500+ (retail value);   
Fixtures, racks, displays and packing accessories: $1,000+ (see description and pictures below.)

+ Transfer of my buyer's account with Leanin' Tree, Inc.
+ Advertising displays and posters
+ Training
+ Wholesale catalogs of the past years;
+ CD with all images of Leanin' Tree products on this website.

1 metal rack (on wheels) for assorted gifts: boxed cards, books, notebooks, stationery, posters, toys, etc. - $200

After 18 successful years (from 1999) marketing greeting cards, posters, gifts, and art I am forced to close the store and sell online business to free up time for other commercial pursuits.

This online entrepreneurial opportunity will provide the buyer with a valuable domain name, an instant income and a full inventory of popular Leanin' Tree™ brand greeting cards and gifts, as well as any other merchandise. All feature beautiful and original artwork by outstanding independent artists from around the country and world.

The business is ideal for someone with webmaster skills wishing to supplement their income with a simple yet profitable business and tax advantages. This is also an opportunity to start your first or new online business and learn all aspects of handling the inventory, shipping the merchandise, and receiving payments from Internet customers.

Order processing is handled by PayPal: including item selection, charging credit/debit cards, printing invoices, packing slips and shipping labels. PayPal holds the resulting revenue or transfers it to your bank.

Understanding the art and familiarity with the world of artists are also helpful. You can also use the retail inventory and fixtures as a supplement to your art gallery, gift store, or framing shop.

My website www.2000gifts.com includes nearly 500 webpages and a domain name which consistently ranks high on search engines. Use Google, Bing or Yahoo to search any term including the words "Leanin Tree" -- for instance Leanin Tree posters -- and you'll see my domain name www.2000gifts.com pop up on the first page of search results.

2000 GIFTS - is a premium American store selling Leanin' Tree posters for 18 years!

The asking price for my business is just $4,500. Most of the store inventory, racks and fixtures have been sold. All remaining inventory (as on this website) is included in sale, and  also few displays shown below.

Theo Soloview
9048 Little Brook Street
Anchorage, Alaska, USA

2000 GIFTS
(Anchorage, Alaska)
Premium American store selling
Leanin' Tree posters and greeting cards for 18 years!

Domain Name,
Commercial Website

and sales inventory
ONLY $4,500.

My store, now closed (not for sale.)