3 racks for 16" x 20" posters,
$150 each
TOTAL: $450
Each rack can hold about 90 posters.

1 spinner double-sided rack for assorted gifts: 
magnetic list pads, refrigerator magnets, boxed cards, books, notebooks, stationery, etc. - $400

(with some inventory.)




INVENTORY DATA (included in sale )

Web-site www.2000gifts.com
(cost equal of full-time employment of one or two webmasters from one to three years);
Domain names 2000gifts.com; LeaninTree.org; LeaninTree.co ; LeaninTree.cards ,
Inventory in stock (Leanin' Tree cards, posters, boxed cards, Christmas cards, magnets, and all other items from this website, and other items (giftware) not listed at the website but which we own), at cost: over $5-6K;   
( Attn.: Six Generations card game is not included in sale because this is my own invention. )
Fixtures, racks, displays and packing accessories: $1,000 (see description and pictures below.)
+ Transfer of my account with Leanin' Tree, Inc.
+ Advertising displays and posters
+ Training
+ Wholesale catalogs of the past years;
+ CD with all images of Leanin' Tree products on this website.

A story about my gift shop, 2000 Gifts & Art.

2000 Gifts & Arts was a gift shop in the Dimond Center Mall in Anchorage, Alaska. I opened the store on January 1, 1999, and was in business through my last Christmas season of 2006. The store has been closed permanently since that time because the Mall made a remodeling and took a half area of the store to unite with two other stores to create larger area for Payless Shoes - the local store which moved to this new location after their area was taken at the same time by another large clothing retailer. A half of my former store eventually became another gift shop which effectively used the same location. They purchased some of my inventory, and I could sell most of my other inventory to different buyers.

By different reasons I decided do not have a store anymore at a physical location. In 2004 I invented Six Generations card game, published 10,000 copies and started selling my own product to the game shops across the globe and to Amazon.com. But my favorite product, - greeting cards and posters published by Leanin' Tree, was still in my posession, and I decided to sell it online, effectively built the website, 2000gifts.com, and by 2008 started offering Leanin' Tree and other inventory online. By now, I have sold almost all of it. The last part of the inventory is offered for sale at cost together with the website.

I understand that potential buyer, probably, a webmaster, will build a new website instead of keeping my algorithms... Good luck! There are 5 domain names in this deal, all attached for selling greeting cards and posters, mostly made by Leanin' Tree. Wish you to make something big out of that and effectively compete with Amazon.com and other online retailers by offering sofisticated design and customer-friendly options for your online gift and card business!